How to Be a Beauty Blogger on a Budget

I was recently asked by a friend how can I afford all the beauty/skincare products I publicize on my Instagram and Blog, I’ll be the first to say it’s not easy being a blogger. It can get expensive, buying into trends and trying out new products. So today, I’m sharing a few ways I save money while doing what I love!

Sample Sizes are YOUR BEST FRIEND!

Image result for samples at sephora

Did you know that you can get samples made for you at Sephora at no cost? This is one of my favorite hacks for expensive skincare; Get a sample of one (or two) beauty or skin care products that may retail for more than what you’re trying to fork up at the moment, this is a great idea especially for those of us that like to review products. Why spend $80 on a product just to write in your review it SUCKED?

AND since we are on the subject of SIZES try TRAVEL SIZE PRODUCTS!

Image result for fresh soy face cleanser

Many brands make travel sizes of their most popular products. Fresh and Kiehl’s, in particular, have most of their products in travel sizes for far cheaper than the full-size product. Even if you DON’T travel you’re still going to be saving a fortune when you go the travel size route!


This one is my personal favorite, now this option is going to cost you maybe $10-$14 a month, but through these subscription services you get 6 to 9 different products ranging from makeup, skincare, hair care, nail products, and more! The products you’ll receive monthly are samples size and full size products.

Some Subscription Services I love and have tried:

  1. Ipsy $10/ month with Free Shipping
  2. Birchbox $10/ month
  3. LipService $5.95/month
  4. Stylistbox $10.00/month

These are just a few services I love, there a some many more out there!

*I do not own all pictures posted*

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