LA Fashion Week 2017

This past weekend I got the chance to attend LA Fashion Week 2017 doing stuff behind the scenes and I was also given an industry pass (I got to sit FRONT ROW!) to take pictures at the event for my blog! If you know anything about Fashion Week the one thing you know it’s a huge deal in the fashion industry, so to be behind the scenes of this event meant everything to me and getting to meet everyone who played important roles in making that week all that it is was probably my favorite part.

Fashion Week was a non stop whirlwind but oh man was it literally the best time ever! I left the first night extremely exhausted, I didn’t get home till almost MIDNIGHT! What a night!


Behind the scenes was super hectic, but some how I still managed to speak to the designers participating in Fashion Week, next time I’ll make sure to bring a notepad, because I definitely got some great tips about the ins and outs of the fashion industry from a designer perspective. A lot of designers were kind of enough to share their personal experiences and how they got the idea to start their line and how they ended up there!

All in all my first Los Angeles Fashion Week was more than I could have ever imagined. I feel so fortunate to have attended such an awesome event. Even more exciting news I’ve been invited back, but for Swim Week x LA Fashion Week!

Until next Fashion week!


xoxo, Makiya



33 thoughts on “LA Fashion Week 2017

  1. That was an awesome opportunity, both being able to participate behind the scenes and a front row seat! I am completely clueless about the fashion world and would have made a complete nuisance of myself asking a million questions and probably getting in the way instead of being asked back.

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  2. My hair dresser went to a fashion week in New York to do hair behind-the-scenes. She said that back when she was getting started, it was about being creative. Now it’s about money. She once lost a show because a designer found another hair sponsor. For example, if Moroccan Oil comes in and offers $50,000 to a designer, then Moroccan Oil has the choice to have their creative director do the hair. Who knew? x

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  3. Wow.. you had a great opportunity to be able to participate in this event. I live in LA and would love to attend this kind of show.


  4. Aww! That’s an awesome experience. I always wanted to go to New York fashion week. I missed it this year also. As a fashion blogger myself I know it’s a big deal. It’s weekend that you got to sit in the front row.

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