Getting in Fall Spirit: Movies & TV Shows!


Hey Guys, Happy October!!

In the fall I find myself craving tv shows & movies that give me one of two feelings, cozy, or creepy, and for some reason I feel the need to bust watch all my fav cartoon halloween and fall inspired movies. So I’m breaking down all the shows and movies I’ve been hooked on that give me all the fall vibes!

Cozy Shows/Movies – ie. Shows majority are cartoons that are usually set in the fall. They’re the perfect kind of shows to curl up in bed to watch with a bag or popcorn & some hot chocolate.

  • Halloween Town (1,2,3,&4) – Did someone say Halloween Town marathon?, these movies are great on of my personal Halloween favs.
  • The Proposal – A classic Rom-Com starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, its an older movie but still one of my fall favorites.
  • Monster House – cartoon; it sets the Halloween feels and it’s easy to watch.
  • Hocus Pocus – A Disney Channel Movie, a must-watch during Halloween time. 
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown– Definitely have to watch this one with my little brother this fall, its great!


Creepy Shows/Movies – ie. Shows with a bit of mystery and/or horror without being too scary

  • Riverdale – Netflix’s new show based around the Archie comics.
  • American Horror Story – I recommend the first season “Murder House” definitely has that “haunted” house feel to it, pretty creepy & scary, but I love it!
  • The Craft–  I’ve already watched it once this fall so far! Who doesn’t love witches, come on!
  • Carrie(2013)– I personally prefer the newer version.


I’d love to hear your suggestions for fall/Halloween TV shows & movies I should tune into this year!

19 thoughts on “Getting in Fall Spirit: Movies & TV Shows!

  1. I love these shows too! I also start watching Nightmare Before Christmas too. I love Sandra Bullock, she’s been my favorite forever and I love all her movies. Happy fall!

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  2. yes i love this , i got the Autumn feels reading this ,,i just love this season , last weekend me and my boys did our first of many movie nights with popcorn etc never heard of Hallowen Town before ?? But i love the Craft and Practical Magic x

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