My First Year as a Fashion Student

fidm sign

April of 2016 I was accepted into one of the most prestige fashion schools in the country, The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I’ll start by saying FIDM was not my first choice for many reasons, but definitely turned into one of the best choices I’ve made thus far. I moved to Los Angeles Fall of 2016 to begin my 1st year at FIDM and in the beginning I found it incredibly hard to adjust I immediately wanted to move back home and just consider going to a school much closer. I was not willing to give the school or city a chance at all. Moving to a brand new city where I didn’t know anyone and still to this day I have one great friend (you know who you are!) I’d also like to add I didn’t know how to navigate around I felt was the biggest obstacle ever. I wanted to move back because I didn’t know anyone! which sounds pretty ridiculous now. It took me a while to even come to the realization that, that wasn’t even why I moved to Los Angeles; I moved to continue my education. I’ll speak a little on attending FIDM now! I’m glad no one lied and said college would be easy, but after my first year I can definitely see why people say “you can’t spell college without back to back L’s.” This year had multiple ups & downs and with taking some classes that required 10-15 hours of work for just that ONE class you realize real quick procrastination is not your friend. Nonetheless, I truly did enjoy ever moment of it. I remember when I first toured the school after being accepted and seeing some creations from other students and thinking to myself I made a mistake I’m not that creative or I don’t have ideas that would stand out more than some of these. So negative, right? 8 months later and I’ve learned to sketch and render on the computer store and home elevation and birds-eye view plans, constructed a purse, learned the ins and outs for Public Relations, and much more. To end this I’ll start by saying how proud I am of myself, this is only the beginning and I still have 3 more years to go!

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16 thoughts on “My First Year as a Fashion Student

  1. Good for you Makiya! Change is always hard to adapt to but as anything and everything, you learn to adjust to it. If you want it it’s yours. Keep up the good work!


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  2. Screaming Yes, yes, yes!!!! All the way from Arkansas.… I can’t wait to read the next dose of Makiya. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

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  3. The first year is Always challenging…so the Second year is a breeze…next you’ve CONQUERED IT..
    Keep up the Good work, you recognize your challenges, But you didn’t allow your chalkenges to defeat you.
    And that alone says alot about WHO YOU ARE. BEAUTIFUL,BRIGHT, & INTELLIGENT.
    Keep God First, 💖
    Ms Mi Mi


  4. Couple of grammar mistakes, some cliché lines, and poor transitioning. I also wish that you had made a longer blog post and not a blurb, but not a shabby start.


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